QuickMilk is a client for the "Remember the Milk" todo list web service, optimized for offline, performance and quick input. QuickMilk can also be a sharing target for e.g. shopping lists selected in web pages.
- Works very fast. You don’t want to wait some seconds in the supermarket for the network on marking every item on your shopping list done.
- 100% offline mode, working completely on your phone till next time you decide to sync your changes.
- Tasks can be marked as done directly in the list (and undone as long as you haven’t synced yet).
- Automatically works online when on unrestricted network (WLAN/LAN etc.). Can be switched off for 100% offline mode.
- Completely free, no ads or tracking either


Get it on Windows 10

Privacy Policy

QuickMilk does not collect any personal data about you. It is soley a client to Remember the Milk, which has its own privacy policy which can be found here.


Please contact me at quickmilk [magic sign] oliverduis.de