Camera Wireless for Nikon


Camera Wireless for Nikon is a Windows 10 Universal App for most Nikon DSLR cameras (and a few Nikon 1/Coolpix cameras) with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. For an overview, see this Nikon tutorial on built-in Wi-Fi.
As universal app you can buy it once to works both on Windows 10 Mobiles as well as Windows 10 PC/Tablet. It is geared for on-the-go use on smaller screens.

1. Download transfer list

In your Nikons WiFi menu, you can mark one or more images to be sent to an external device. The app will pick up this list and download all the images. You do NOT select the image in the app, but on the camera:

After selecting one or more images in camera, you can choose if you want to overwrite, skip or add new file when an image already exists in the app.
This feature is especially useful on the go, when you can download pictures to your mobile to e.g. post them on social networks.
While raw NEW files are supported, downloading files larger than 50MB is not supported, since it will likely be unstable. This option is not available on e.g. Nikon D3x00 or using external adapters.

2. Alternative way: select images to download using thumbnails

You can also load a list of thumbnails and select the images to download by checking the images and use the "Download" button. Existing files will be overwritten. Comes in handy with older Nikons that do not offer the transfer list feature. Though the app intelligently caches the thumbnails, this way is slower if your camera is older and you have more than a few hundred images on your camera.
Many Nikon cameras will return thumbnails that might not be rotated correctly, or show a small black border. This does not affect the downloaded images.

3. Remote trigger

Remotely press the shutter button, just like with an externel infrared remote. Nice for selfies.
There is an optional, very simple live view mode on supported cameras. Tap on the live view image to start the focus according to your cameras focus mode.
Bulb mode is not supported.

4. Synchronize time

The date and time of your mobile device is usually set precisely via Internet. Not so your Nikon camera. The app allows you to set your Nikons time from your device. It is in the menu on the start screen.


You Nikon should be able to select images for wireless sending to smart device (see your cameras manual). The alternative way selecting photos via thumbnails might also work. So it should be compatible to most modern DSLR (the big ones) cameras with built in WIFI. D500 does NOT work, as it requires Bluetooth also. Most smaller cameras (non DSLR) might work partially, but sometimes do not support the required MTP protocol.
Camera Wireless for Nikon offers a one day free trial. Use it to find out if your camera works and is stable enough. After this one day it will simply refuse to start, which is the default behaviour determined by Windows.

Frequently asked questions

I have a Coolpix/compact camera, and it does not work! I give you a bad review till you support my camera!

I would love to support your camera also, but in contrast to its competitor Sony, Nikon is secretive about their wireless protocols. So I can only support larger DSLRs like the D750 where the protocol is roughly known (some smaller ones like Nikon 1 and some Coolpix are reported to work though) So except from you looking evil, a bad review won't help.

I cannot connect

Make sure that you did not change the standard IP address of your camera (, or If you set a password for the Nikon WIFI, you must switch off the auto connect and connect manually in Windows using your password.

If this is not the case it might simply be that your camera is not compatible. For instance the Nikon D500 has a proprietary SnapBridge WIFI (there are sued for this already ;-).

My Nikon has no menu to select "Send to smart device" in the WIFI

Some "smaller" DSLRs like D3x00 do not offer this features, and it is not available with external WIFI adapters either. You can try to mark the images to download via thumbnail mode.

In thumbnails view, the portrait photos are not rotated, and have a thin black border

This happens with some models. These are the thumbnails generated by your Nikon, not by the app. However the downloaded image will be ok and rotated correctly.

But in the iOS Nikon Wireless Utility, [insert feature here] works!

Yes, because Nikon knowns all the secrect protocols they do not publish. I am restricted to what is known about these protocols.


Get it on Windows 10


Legal and Privacy

The app does not collect any personal data or images.
It is also NOT associated with
Nikon Corporation in any way.


Please contact me at
For feature requests: Since the Nikons internal proprietary protocols are undocumented unfortunately, the app relies on using the official Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). So my capabilities for new features are limited to the subset of freely available camera interfaces, even if Nikon proprietary apps may be able to offer a feature.



Find details on my business website or on my photo website. My primary camera is a beloved Nikon D750, which is also used for testing this app.